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love the ending but wish there was more on the web version, 

suggestion: you could make it so its possible to actually win the bike job because i delivered it in like 30 seconds and still got told the ice coffee was cold 

P.S. love the fonts

amaizng art, love the inner space part. keep it up


why is there so much food? 

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nevermind... its a cat

Este juego es increíble, ojala salga pronto el juego completo

amazing game and superb art, i'll play the full game the second it comes out!

I like the part I played. I didn't get past the bike minigame because no matter how fast I press I go extremely slow. Idk if it's a glitch or if I'm just really bad at this.


i think you probably pressed only c or x. you're supposed to press them both alternately to move  

Very enjoyable game!


Great game, I enjoyed it a lot and loved it, it has fantastic minigames and deals with a real topic. It may be a bit boring for some people like me, who likes more frenetic videogames, but even preferring that type of games I could enjoy this art work

so good, calming music ,relaxing its just so frickin' perfect

Too real.

Qué bello juego! Todo, desde el argumento, a los divertidos puzzles y minigames, hasta los diseños visuales. Los sprites se mueven con una soltura que casi no me doy cuenta que es una aventura gráfica, y los pequeños detalles como que el ojo se mueve siguiendo el movimiento del mouse me lo vendió todo. A parte, amo los diseños tipo hora de aventura; hermosos.

Me sorprendió la cantidad de minigames, y la verdad que me hice re fan de la del delivery, incluído el humor negro de la situación. Lo que me lleva al guión, que la verdad se siente super relatable y completo, con todas sus pequeñas narraciones visuales, como el tema de la red social. Ya vi varios juegos referidos a la ansiedad, pero nunca lo sentí tan cercano a mi situación (como esto de tener una madre que tiene toda la buena voluntad del mundo pero la presión que te mete a veces es mucho). Y reitero lo del humor! La verdad, la versión en español se me hizo tan familiar que casi pensé que el juego fue hecho en Argentina. 

La verdad, felicitaciones, se lo voy a recomendar a medio mundo. Espero que lo puedan terminar! Desde ya, un exitazo. Muchos saludos desde sudamérica!

love this game so muchhhh, the character design is on fireee not just the character everything is absolutely amazing!

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I really liked this! Fun gameplay, good storytelling, great music, and good design! The Bike minigame was really fun, looking forward to the full release! The grammar in the dialogue for English was a bit off, though, but this is just a demo after all!


WOWWW this was really good!!!!! fun dialogue, cool minigames, and i love max already he's so real

I'm so excited for the full release, great work guys!!!! <3

Loved playing this game and I can't wait for the full release! Beautiful art style, music, dialogue and fluid/fun gameplay. What more can I say? Thanks for sharing this game! 

Bigger Than Me Gameplay


ohhh!!! super good! the art was great and the gameplay was nice too. can't wait to see more of the story!


Great story, graphics and puzzle. 5 stars easy. Well done !


this shit look like poptropica

Deleted 1 year ago

I loved this demo and look forward to playing the full game when it comes out.
The graphic's were really pleasant and loved the style. I have always loved point and click games and this is one of the better ones I have played for quite some time.

 My Gameplay


I already love what this has to offer and I can't wait to see more. The concept is interesting and I think most can relate to Max's 'big problem' though in a more figurative way. Art, music and gameplay are all lovely. Can't wait to play the full game. Great job dev! 

Pretty good artwork bro hope to see it finished.


I love this game it cool it relax and it good I want more

Bonita historia

I really enjoyed this game, thank you so much for making it in english too! It was really fun, I love it. I hope to see more in the future ^_^


Original, agradable, una maravilla. Demasiado corta, la muestra... Un poco demasiado hablador, pero el dibujo es muy bonito y las misiones originales. ¡A ver el juego terminado!


Android version please



this game is very good! the delivery mini game was hard for me at first but i good at it slowly! i hope you continue it soon

Oye, he llegado de casualidad desde Twitter y me ha parecido espectacular. Los controles y manejo muy intuitivos y fáciles de pillar a la primera. El apartado visual un 10. Qué chulada :)

is the full game coming out soon? i really liked playing it, and im excited for more!!

Interesting game

Su diseño es muy bueno, la música, narrativa y mecánicas también, es muy interesante el juego y estaría muy bien sacar una versión completa.

i love this game

omg it's so fun. i love it, good job to people who made this :33


so fun!! i love it already! cant wait for the full version :>


this game is really original and awesome, super relatable and the job minigame was super fun

Waiting for the rest

do it in french and I will be so happy if you need help for traduce in french ask me :)

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