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Stick to the Plan is a cozy and soothing puzzle game that takes you on a journey with Roberto, as he embarks on a quest to get the perfect stick along the way.

The game is simple: avoid obstacles and chart a path towards the goal. But beware, it's not as easy as it appears. And don't forget to grab your stick!

  • Intuitive and accessible controls: move, rotate, pick up & drop your stick in order to solve puzzles.

  • Explore 5 unique locations and solve more than 60 levels, each one with its own set of challenges and surprises.

  • Immerse yourself in beautiful 3D worlds that have been crafted focusing on detail and enjoy an environmental OST that enhances the experience.

  • Uncover the heartwarming story of Roberto through illustrated vignettes, and discover the reason behind his quest for the perfect stick.

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Buy Now$9.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.50 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

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Is an Android version planned? Thx

Hi! There is no Android version planned at the moment. Sorry :(

this is so cute !!!!

i want this sooooooooo much!

We have just go on a sale, it’s the best time to get it! :D

ok, ill see if i can!

love that game



Awesome game! very satisfying difficulty curve for hours of enjoyment

I remember playing this in the dreamhack


Great game! looking forward to the full version! Will buy!

great game :D 

This game is still a demo version, but it seems to be a fun and complete game. It's very fun if you ask to use your hair. Thanks for liking and subscribing :)

Beautiful game, love the graphics and gameplay. Can see this on the switch. Awesome job.

Oh what a nice idea ! I have a dog, I totally agreed with the concept.


this game is such a mood killer. The graphics are beautiful the music the game is so cute!im working on my own video game console and i would love it if its on the console(i will have to test it on the console first to make sure it runs)i dont know how to explain stuff well but i tried my best lol 


So cute, I love that even when I got caught and put into a pound, I needed my pipe stick to go XD

The fence and fire additions definitely added new intrigue to the original concept! I can't wait for the whole game to come out!

Wait fire where?! TELL ME NOW SO I CAN PLAY MORE!! Please :)

haha it was at the end with the marshmallow stick!


at first i was not really convinced by the concept.

then i played. and wow. it works perfectly, it looks easy, but it's definetely not. an amazing game, i wish you the best for the full release.


reminds me of that sausage game! Stephen's Sausage Roll

No gamepad support?

Hi! Yes, of course, you can play with gamepad :)


I'd like to feature this in a blog post about some of the most quirky recent cosy games, if you're cool with that?

Of course! Please, send us the link if you finally add it there :)

Absolutely, what's the best way I can contact you?

You can send us and email at deadpixeltales@gmail.com :)

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Can't wait for the full release!

Loved the game, was charming and witty =) loved the combination of not only flipping the stick, but picking it back up from different angles. Keep up the amazing work and left a follow! Your game is first in the video


Jogo muitoooooo lindo e criativo! Fiz um video comentando sobre ele e outros jogos indies lançados hoje também


OMG YOU ACTUALLY NAMED HIM ROBERTO! Can't wait to play this on my channel! TT o TT <3

Awesome, I can't wait to play!