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Ey, you! Focus! Stick to the plan!

Help this little dog reach the goal with the looong stick he has just found.


Movement - WASD

Rotate - QE

Pick/drop stick - Spacebar

Restart level - R


Rocket RawNaburo

Art, modeling, animations & game/level design



Paco Diago

Music & SFX

Created for the Thinky games are for everyone jam

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(198 total ratings)
AuthorsDead Pixel Tales, Rocket Raw, Naburo, Delunado, PacoDiago
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags2D, 3D, Atmospheric, Casual, Cute, Furry, Relaxing, Short, Singleplayer, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller


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Very cute game, I loved it! ^^


absolutly adored the gameplay and how many puzzles were possible with the mechanics! Also the artstyle is so cute!

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It isn't letting me press play did I do smth wrong

you have to use your keyboard (space or enter), not the mouse! :)

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Ohhh ok tysm, btw i love your game it's adorable

i didn't enjoy i got stuck

I really enjoyed this puzzle game, interesting idea I have to say!

love the game both for the puzzles and the visuals

I Love The Unique Gameplay (10/10)

awesome game with lots of potentiol. an undo button would make it much better though, and in the future maybe one or two more mechanics to shake up the strategy and make it less limited

Reminded me of my first time playing through Bloxorz, was a lot of fun, I enjoyed the visuals and the puzzle design felt very well designed. My only issue with the game was that the audio was incredibly choppy, but I'm unsure if this was an error on my part or what. I also wish that the animation for picking up the stick was faster or that the player could at least do actions while the animation is playing, because with some puzzles it felt like half of the duration was waiting on this animation.
Beyond those minor issues, very charming little game, good job!

Very cute and logical game! Interesting

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Cute premise for a game. Puzzles made me feel smart when I solved them. Great puzzle game.

amazing game

It's quite a lovely game! Music is nice and makes you think while adoring over our cute doggo! 

i cant play it. i opened the game and i clicked new game it didnt work

Hi! We’re sorry for the error. Did you downloaded the game or played it on Web version? :)

Remember you need to use the keyboard, you can’t use mouse and can’t click on options, just use Enter to accept and Arrow Keys or WASD to move around options.

Is anybody else stuck on level 4 or pass level 4 that could give me tips? Because I'm stuck on the part where the tree and the rock get in the way.

Remember that you can drop the stick and pick it up from the other side! That’s the key ;)


Thank you so much this really helped me :D

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I love this cute game! I cant wait for more puzzles!

i think i slightly broke the game

my stick inside the rock and i can't move

This is great! super cute aesthetic, and the levels are really well scaled. Each mechanic is well introduced and changed how I played moving forward. On level 14, I ended up resetting 5 times! Had a lot of fun with this

Hey guys, any chance of a non-steam linux version in the future?

Hi! Yes, there will be a Linux version on Itchio :)

Sweet ;-) Thanks

Guys, this genious!

Not the sort of game I wanna make OR play, but I still put a few hours in. Simple, clever. You're onto something ;-

This was fun to play, and it looks very cute.

Where can I find the OST for this game? It's so good and relaxing!

This game is very cute!

I like how the puzzles become challenging while still being simple.

I would like to have an undo button, I make a single mistake and then have to redo the entire puzzle. Also, the input seems to lag a bit, especially when the levels start.

i cant play the game idk why


Great puzzle design! Enjoy this cute and simple graphics and sounds. It seems to have a bug if player input is too frequent, e.g. if I input several command before the dog finish the first one.

very nice puzzle, a good idea, only thing missing in my opinion is the ability to revert moves to go back in time after a mistake

Cute game and nice idea. There is something with controls. Sometime i press right and he goes left. Sometime i press one time and he moves three times. But its not a big problem. Maybe it something to do with itch servers, idk.


For those who are stuck or dont have time, here is a full playthrough, I hope this can help someone ! have a nice day !

OMG! you're the best, thank youu!!

long stick was long, it was great, very cute

I loved it!

So cute! I feel accomplished for helping doggo get stick through all the levels ^^


Super cute idea

cozy, wonderful, and great!

i love this, really relaxing and the dog is so cute TT<3

Not sure if this is a bug but if you don't have the stick and go to the finish line the bell audio still plays. btw the art is amazing!

cute game luv it

Cute, smart and fun, well done !

Adorable game! The game made me feel very calm playing throught it. 

Dear developer! I work with translation, specifically from ENG to PT BR. If you're interested please contact me! You can read more about it HERE.

- Alex <3


Great game. The aesthetics and music give off a relaxed and yet melancholic mood that's both chill and worrisome. Makes me think the dog is lost and only has his trusty stick to keep him company. 

The puzzles are fairly well designed with intention and deliberation. Each obstacle has a purpose for being there and it shows remarkable polish. I would expect that puzzle games such as these have been extensively tested.

For a demo, it shows great promise. I'll be looking forward to when this releases :-)

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